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With Cuts Looming for Sanctuary Cities, what’s the Future of San Francisco’s budget?

“BIRD’S EYE” BY FLICKR USER JOHN CURLEY. USED UNDER CC BY-NC-SA 2.0.CROPPED FROM ORIGINAL:   Update: President Donald J. Trump signed an executive action on Jan. 25, 2017 to withhold federal grants from “sanctuary cities.”  When Donald Trump is inaugurated as President of the United States on Jan. 20, part of his 100-day action plan […]

Local disability rights lawyer offers alternative to lawsuits

Disability rights lawyer Lainey Feingold   Disability rights lawyer Lainey Feingold is known for negotiating landmark accessibility agreements. She pioneered a dispute resolution method called “Structured Negotiations.” Instead of suing companies to be more accessible to the disabled, she talks to them, builds relationships, and brings her disabled clients to the negotiating table. Feingold is the […]

Berkeley non-profit awards grants to Muslim-American storytellers

Berkeley’s Islamic Scholarship Fund gives grants for young Muslims to make media Courtesy of Islamic Scholarship Fund   Back in 2003, the Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science published a study of Arab Muslim portrayals in a Hollywood movies. Out of 900 films, only a dozen had a positive portrayal. […]

Rethinking the way we teach about Islam in school

Mosque Ceiling by Flickr user Pentocelo, aka dynamosquito. Used under CC BY-SA 2.0.   The Bay Area has about 250 thousand Muslim residents – more than three percent of the region’s population. But what many people know about Islam is limited to anti-Muslim messages that have come from the highest political office holders. So […]

Black Girls Code trains young women of color for careers in tech

Black Girls Code intern Vanessa See with another intern, Bella, working on a trampoline. courtesy of   Electrical engineer and computer programmer Kimberly Bryant says that when she was in college, she was one of only a few women, and the only black woman, in her class. When she had her own daughter, […]

Convening to build belonging in the age of Trump   The Migration Policy Institute estimates that the number of immigrant workers in the U.S. has tripled since 1970. As foreign born workers and their children make homes in the U.S., they often face a society that sees them as ‘other’. The term ‘Othering’ means making people feel like they don’t belong. It isn’t new, but […]

Ethio-jazz star Meklit Hadero walks the musical hyphen line   Meklit Hadero is an Ethiopian-American musician, singer, songwriter, and composer. She grew up in San Francisco and now makes music that blends jazz with her native Ethiopian music. Meklit has been a TED global fellow, an artist-in-residence at NYU and at the De Young museum. She co-founded the Nile Project, in which she brought musicians and […]

Angel Island’s Historic Treasure Restored   The San Francisco Bay has long been a gateway for immigrants. Between 1910 and 1940, more than a million people from 80 different countries entered the United States through the immigration station on Angel Island. After World War II, the station was shut down and neglected. In 2009, the immigration station was restored […]

Muslim Group Talks Taboo Topics

  The Progressive Islam movement seeks to encourage dialogue about issues that are considered too sensitive for discussion in mosques. The role of women is a special focus. The meetings are drawing criticism and praise from Muslim groups.     Transcript: STEVE INSKEEP, host: Earlier this year, history was made in the Muslim world. It […]

‘Oakland Noir’ tells stories of intrigue from The Town   The dark fiction genre, “noir”,  evokes smoky black and white crime films, with fast talkin’, gun toting men in slick suits and fedoras. But what does noir mean today? A new collection of short fiction called Oakland Noir tells tales of peril and intrigue based on the reality of present day Oakland—all contributed […]